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Vier ERC Advanced Grants für die Forschung in Basel
Der Europäische Forschungsrat (ERC) zeichnet vier Basler Wissenschaftler mit hoch dotierten Förderbeiträgen aus. Ihre Projekte werden an drei assoziierten Instituten der Universität Basel durchgeführt: dem Institut für Molekulare und Klinische Ophthalmologie Basel (IOB), dem Schweizerischen Tropen- und Public Health-Institut (Swiss TPH) sowie dem Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI). Die Forschenden erhalten insgesamt rund 9,5 Millionen Euro über fünf Jahre. More

Research group of Andreas Lüthi receives Swiss Brain League Research Prize 2020
This year, the biennial Swiss Brain League Research Prize, which is endowed with 20,000 CHF, is awarded to the research group of Andreas Lüthi from the FMI and Jan Gründemann. The researchers have investigated how "internal states" such as anxiety, stress, hunger or thirst are coded in the brain of active mice. In the long term, their results may help to better treat diseases such as post-traumatic stress disorder. More

Award for our research Excellent Sleep Research
Prof. Christian Cajochen wins the award of the German Sleep Foundation 2020 in the category “Science and Innovation”.Prof. Christian Cajochen, head of the Center for Chronobiology at the UPK Basel, received the German Foundation for Sleep Award in the category ” Science and Innovation” for research into the effects of light on the circadian rhythm and sleep. More

A glitch in the matrix: using virtual reality to understand how fish predict the future
Scientists from the Friedrich group have developed a new virtual reality system that allows them to manipulate the sensory environment of adult zebrafish at will, while simultaneously analyzing neural activity. This approach can be used to explore how the brain processes complex sensory inputs and how it uses internal models of the world to control behaviors. More

Prof. Peter Scheiffele participates in EU-funded research project CANDY
The CANDY project investigates the biological links between neurodevelopmental disorders and co-occurring somatic illnesses and how treatment of affected patients can be improved. The team led by Prof. Peter Scheiffele from the Biozentrum, University of Basel, is part of this research consortium, coordinated by Radboud University in the Netherlands. More


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