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Perfect balance: How the brain fine-tunes its sensitivity
A sensitive perception of the environment is crucial for guiding our behavior. However, an overly sensitive response of the brain’s neural circuits to stimuli can lead to neurodevelopmental disorders such as epilepsy. University of Basel researchers report in the journal Nature how neuronal networks in the mouse brain are fine-tuned. More

Neighboring synapses shape learning and memory
A researcher at the University of Basel, in collaboration with a colleague in Austria, has developed a new model that provides a holistic view on how our brain manages to learn quickly and forms stable, long-lasting memories. Their study sheds light on the crucial role of interactions among neighboring contact sites of nerve cells for brain plasticity – the brain’s ability to adapt to new experiences. More

Sleep-wake rhythm: Fish change our understanding of sleep regulation
Contrary to common belief, not all vertebrates regulate their sleep-wake rhythm in the same way. University of Basel researchers have discovered that some fish – unlike humans – do not need orexin to stay awake. This molecule was thought to be necessary for normal wake and sleep rhythms in vertebrates. Humans without orexin suffer from narcolepsy.More

Surprise! – How the brain learns to deal with the unexpected
For children, the world is full of surprises. Adults, on the other hand, are much more difficult to surprise. And there are complex processes behind this apparently straightforward state of affairs. Researchers at the University of Basel have been using mice to decode how reactions to the unexpected develop in the growing brain. More

Pregnancy remodels the brain: stem cells shape the sense of smell in mothers
Pregnancy and motherhood lead to brain remodeling. Prof. Fiona Doetsch's team at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel has now discovered that distinct pools of stem cells in the adult brain of mice are turned on during pregnancy and give rise to specific types of olfactory bulb neurons. More

Possible biomarker of MS-like autoimmune disease discovered

It has been known for several years that the diagnosis “multiple sclerosis” conceals a whole range of different illnesses, each requiring customized treatment. Researchers at the University of Basel and the University Hospital of Basel have now described a possible new MS-like disease and explained how to diagnose it. More

Botond Roska wins International Prize for Translational Neuroscience

Botond Roska, professor at the University of Basel and director at the Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel (IOB), has been awarded the International Prize for Translational Neuroscience by the Gertrud Reemtsma Foundation. He received the prize with Professor José-Alain Sahel, a Chairman of the IOB Scientific Advisory Board. More

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Course announcement

A new course in Neurotheory-B7 Cycle B Neuroscience is starting in Spring 2024
"Introduction to theoretical and computational neuroscience"
by Everton J Agnes (Biozentrum) 
More information in the attached flyer and on the website.

Upcoming Basel Seminars in Neuroscience

16.05.2024,16:00-17:00, Biozentrum U1.1011
Sam Gershman (Harvard University)
Title: TBA
Host: Rava Azeredo da Silveira, IOB

Upcoming events

06. - 07.06.2024, Swiss Neurological Society Annual Meeting in Basel.
«Quo vadis Neuroinflammation? From pathophysiologic advances to novel treatment strategies».
Abstract submission deadline January 28. Weblink

16.08.2024: annual Early-Career Researchers Symposium in Bern
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