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Basel seminar in Neuroscience (VV: 61888), Organizers: A. Lüthi, S. Arber

Thursdays; 11.30h-13.00h, or 16:00h via zoom January 2021 – December 2021

For PhD students, requires good basic knowledge of neuroscience.

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Date Speaker Host
11.03.21 Nicole Rust, UPenn
Title: “Single-trial image memory”
Friedemann Zenke

Takaki Komiyama, UCSD
Title: “Circuit mechanisms for flexible behaviors”
postponed to 18.00h

Rainer Friedrich
20.05.21 Rachel Wilson, Harvard 
Title: “Neural mechanisms of navigation behavior”
Alex Schier
10.06.21 Christian Lüscher, University of Geneva
Title: “Serotonin and addiction: modulation of the transition from
controlled to compulsive cocaine use”
Andreas Lüthi
24.06.21 Michael Crair, Yale  
Title: “Learning to see with your eyes closed”
Peter Scheiffele
30.09.21 Dan Sanes, Center for Neural Science, New York University
Title: “Parietal cortex integrates acoustic evidence during task
Tania Rinaldi
07.10.21 Christian Doeller, MPI Leipzig
Title: “Structuring experience in cognitive spaces”
Pico Caroni
14.10.21 Josh Dudman, Janelia Research Campus, Virginia, USA
Title: “Learning and its discontents: mesolimbic dopamine during
task acquisition”
Jan Gründemann
21.10.21 Athena Akrami, UCL
Georg Keller
28.10.21 Scott Waddell, University of Oxford, UK
Title: “Drosophila memory: the state of things to come?”
J. Felsenberg
04.11.21 Magdalena Goetz, Helmholtz Center Munich, Germany
Title: “Novel mechanisms of neurogenesis and neural repair”
Filippo RIJLI,
18.11.21 Marta Zlatic, MRC laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK
Title: “Circuit mechanisms of learning, predicting and deciding in
Drosophila larva”
J. Felsenberg



The new program of the “Basel Seminar Series on Sleep and Circadian Rhythms” for the fall semester 2021, taking place Thursday, 4-5 pm.

Date Speaker Title of talk
30th September Prof. Besedovsky (Ludwig-Maximillian University Munich, Germany)
The relevance of sleep for our immune system
7th October Prof. Erren and Dr. Lewis (University of Cologne, Germany)
PLICCS & Cancer: Can disease “start” with perinatal light?
21st October Dr. Schmidt (Universite de Liege, Belgium) Impact of sleep-wake regulation and age on brain structure and function
04th November Dr. Tarokh (University of Bern, Switzerland) Sleep regulation and neurophysiology in adolescence: Implications for mental health.
18th November Different speakers Symposium “Sleep homeostasis: role of adenosine and caffeine”
2nd December Dr. Upadhyay (FMI Basel, Switzerland) Molecular mechanisms of a developmental clock in C. elegans
16th December Dr. Bjorness (UT Southwestern Dallas, USA) Bi-directional interaction between sleep disturbance and cocaine reward


All talks will take place online. For the zoom link please register here Basel Seminar "Sleep & Circadian Rhythms" (google.com) .
Registration is free of charge.

B1 Developmental Neuroscience (Fall semester 2021)

(organized by Silvia Arbers)
Tuesdays 16.15 – 18.00, by Zoom
Lecture No. 14467

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