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Basel seminar in Neuroscience (VV: 63619), Organizers: A. Lüthi, S. Arber

Thursdays; 11.30h-13.00h, or 16:00h via zoom February 2022 – December 2022

For PhD students, requires good basic knowledge of neuroscience.

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Date Speaker Host
17.02.2022 Athena Akrami, SWC London
"Formation and update of sensory priors in working memory
and perceptual decision making tasks"
Host: Georg Keller, FMI

Christian Lohmann, Netherlands Institute for
Title: “How spontaneous activity helps wiring the developing visual

Peter Scheiffele, Biozentrum
07.04.2022 Dr. Loren Frank (UCSF) 
"Memories and Mental Simulation"
Andreas Keller, IOB
28.04.2022 Nadine Gogolla (Max Planck Inst. for Psychiatry, Munich)
”Emotion regulation through interoception”
Pico Caroni, FMI
05.05.2022 Simon Hippenmeyer (Institute of Science and Technology, Austria)  
“Principles of Neural Stem Cell Lineage Progression”
Peter Scheiffele, Biozentrum
12.05.2022 Knut Kirmse, (University of Würzburg)
“GABAergic signalling in developing cortical network”
Josef Bischofberger, DBM
19.05.2022 Johannes Letzkus (University of Freiburg)
Title: TBD
Andreas Lüthi, FMI
09.06.2022 Ivo Spiegel (Weizmann Institute)
Title: TBD
Georg Keller, FMI
30.06.2022 Ofer Yizhar (Weizmann Institute)
Title: TBD
Andreas Lüthi, FMI
29.9.2022 Guillermina López-Bendito
Title: TBD
Peter Scheiffele, Biozentrum


Basel Seminar "Sleep and Circadian Rythms"

Spring semester 2022, taking place Thursday, 4-5 pm

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Date Speaker Title of talk
24th February Dr. Renske Lok (Stanford University)
Non-image forming effects of light on alertness and sleep
10th March

Dr. Kate Porcheret (University of

Sleep after traumatic events
24th March Prof. Achim Kramer (Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin)  

Molecular markers to assess circadian phase
7th April Prof. Rex A. Wright (University
of North Texas)
Circadian determinants of effort and associated cardiovascular responses: An interactional fatigue perspective
21st April Johannes Zauner (Zentrum für
angewandte Sehforschung)
Designing light for night shift workers: Application of nonvisual lighting design principles in an industrial production line
5th May Prof. Kun Hu (Harvard Medical School)
Fractals in physiology: links to the circadian control network
19th May Prof. Ken Wright (University of Colorado)
Causes and consequences of circadian misalignment
2nd June Dr. Julia Ladenbauer (University Medicine Greifswald) tba