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The organizational structure of the NNB is simple, efficient and focused. It consists of a steering committee (chairperson and members), a coordination bureau and a general assembly (group leaders). The NNB operates under the administrative supervision of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, but it is also embedded within the Medical Faculty and the Faculty of Psychology. The NNB is subject to approval and controlling by the Rektorat of the University of Basel. The general assembly is the ruling authority of the competence center.


The steering committee includes representatives from each of the participating institutions/organizations:

Department of Biomedicine: Josef Bischofberger (Chairman of the steering committee)
Biozentrum: Peter Scheiffele
Friedrich Miescher Institut: Rainer Friedrich / Andreas Lüthi
IOB: Andreas Keller
Neurology: Raphael Guzman
Psychiatry: Anne Eckert
NEUREX: Pascale Piguet
Roche: Roger Redondo

The structural affiliation of the group leaders is as follows: PDF-download

The coordination board
Anne-Catherine Feutz heads the coordination board.
Werner Indlekofer is the webmaster.


The general assembly
All major decisions are made by the general assembly. All groupleaders of the NNB participate to the general assembly and have a voting right. The steering commitee decides on the acceptance of new members. Interested groupleaders should send their application to the coordination bureau.