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The annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Neuroscience (SSN) will take place in Geneva on Friday February 1, 2019

The Bench to Bedside meeting of the NNB will take place on Friday February 15, 2019 in the Pharmazentrum, Hörsaal1 from 9.00h to 17.30h

The Brain Awareness Week (Woche des Gehirns) will take place in Basel from Monday March 18, 2019 to Friday March 22, 2019.
Details to follow.





Geheimnisvolles Gehirn

Einführung in die neue Sonderausstellung

Vernissage Do. 6. Sept. 2018 um 17:30h
Prof. Dr. M. Müller‐Gerbl (Basel)

« Das junge Gehirn: Bewegen statt Lernen »

Dr. Sebastian Ludyga, Departement für Sport, Bewegung und Gesundheit,
Fachbereich Sportwissenschaft, Basel

Dr. Bernhard Segesser, PD Dr. J. Paul
(Rennbahnklinik, Muttenz)

Anschliessend Apéro

Bench to Bedside 2018
The Bench-to-Bedside Symposium is the main event of the Neuroscience Network Basel (NNB) and takes place annually during the winter break. The one-day symposium is organized by members of the NNB and is a platform for neuroscientists from a wide range of institutional backgrounds to discuss and exchange ideas on selected current research topics. Researchers from basic research (“bench”) as well as from (bio)-medical research (“bedside”) present their recent findings, and discuss their findings following their talk as well as during the breaks. The symposium is an important platform for students not only to meet group leaders but most of all, to learn to connect and understand research findings of different areas of neurosciences.

Woche des Gehirns 2017
ZLF, Grosser Hörsaal, 13. - 17. März 2017
Eintritt frei

SSN annual meeting 2017
The meeting will take place in BASEL, on Friday, January 27, 2017. Weblink

Woche des Gehirns 2016
ZLF, Grosser Hörsaal, 13. - 20. März 2016
Eintritt frei

From Bench to Bedside Symposium 2016
ZLF, Grosser Hörsaal, February 5th, 2016