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Cycle B Seminars Overview

The lecture series will provide basic knowledge in neurobiology. All the graduate students who aim to obtain a Ph.D. in neuroscience should attend these lectures. In each semester one particular topic from developmental to clinical aspects of neuro¬science will be covered. Lectures will include a general introduction into the topic as well as a discussion of the latest results in the field. Lectures will be taught by experts from the University of Basel, the Friedrich Miescher Institute and from industry.


12416, B4: Molecular Aspects of Neurological Diseases

Tuesdays 16.15 – 18.00 Biozentrum, Hörsaal U1.141

Date Topic Speakers
07.03.2023 Mitochondria and Neurodegeneration
Anne Eckert (UPK)
14.03.2023 Drug Addiction
Matthias Liechti (DBM)
21.03.2023 CNS Tumors
Gliomas WHO grade II-IV
Gregor Hutter, Jean-Louis Boulay (USB/DBM)
28.03.2023 Epilepsy
Basics, Neuropharmacology, Molecular Aspects
Stephan Rüegg (USB)
04.04.2023 Online Depression
Lecture given by Zoom
Claus Normann (Uniklinik Freiburg)
18.04.2023 Demyelinating Diseases
Multiple Sclerosis
Anne-Kathrin Pröbstel (USB/DBM)
25.04.2023 Neuromuscular unit
Christoph Handschin (Biozentrum)
02.05.2023 Trauma
Spinal cord injury
Josef Kapfhammer (DBM)
09.05.2023 Childhood Ischemia
Catherine Brégère (DBM)
16.05.2023 Stem Cells
Embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells
A new tool to model diseases of the nervous system
Verdon Taylor (DBM)
23.05.2023 Hearing Impairment
Tania Rinaldi Barkat (DBM)
30.05.2023 Stroke
Ischemia, Neuroprotection
Urs Fischer (USB)


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