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Cycle B Seminars Overview

The lecture series will provide basic knowledge in neurobiology. All the graduate students who aim to obtain a Ph.D. in neuroscience should attend these lectures. In each semester one particular topic from developmental to clinical aspects of neuro¬science will be covered. Lectures will include a general introduction into the topic as well as a discussion of the latest results in the field. Lectures will be taught by experts from the University of Basel, the Friedrich Miescher Institute and from industry.


B2 Signaling in the Nervous System – 13693

Tuesdays 16:15 – 18:00, Biozentrum, Room U1.197
Organizers: A. Lüthi/T. Rinaldi Barkat

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Date Topic Speakers
27.02.2024 Ion channels, action potentials and excitability Josef Bischofberger, DBM
05.03.2024 Dendritic integration
Josef Bischofberger, DBM
12.03.2024 Functional dynamics of synaptic transmission
Rainer Friedrich, FMI
19.03.2024 Signaling of G-protein coupled receptors
Andreas Keller, IOB
26.03.2024 Excitatory circuits
Tania Rinaldi Barkat, DBM
02.04.2024 GABAergic signaling/inhibitory circuits
Tania Rinaldi Barkat, DBM
09.04.2024 Neuromodulation
Flavio Donato, Biozentrum
16.04.2024 Mechanisms of synaptic plasticity
Andreas Lüthi, FMI
23.04.2024 Mechanisms of cellular/intrinsic plasticity
Andreas Lüthi, FMI
30.04.2024 Synaptic plasticity: a computational perspective
Friedemann Zenke, FMI
07.05.2024 Neuronal plasticity in Drosophila
Anissa Kempf, Biozentrum
14.05.2024 Human genetics of synaptic plasticity
Andreas Papassotiropoulos, DBM
28.05.2024 Test (Essay writing)
The two papers to choose from for the essay writing are (both available in pdf on ADAM).


Graduate Teaching (Program Biozentrum)