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Cycle B Seminars Overview

The lecture series will provide basic knowledge in neurobiology. All the graduate students who aim to obtain a Ph.D. in neuroscience should attend these lectures. In each semester one particular topic from developmental to clinical aspects of neuro¬science will be covered. Lectures will include a general introduction into the topic as well as a discussion of the latest results in the field. Lectures will be taught by experts from the University of Basel, the Friedrich Miescher Institute and from industry.


The workshops consist of regular trinational trainings, which may include theoretical, as well as practical, teaching in all aspects of Neuroscience. Trainings are organized in the context of the Eltem-Neurex program, and involve teachers-scientists, as well as students, of the 3 Universities of Basel, Freiburg (Germany) and Strasbourg (France).

HS 2022 – Cycle B lecture in Neuroscience

13145-01 Genes and Behavior: SYSTEMS NEUROSCIENCE

Tuesday, 16:15 – 18:00 h, Pharmazentrum HS2

Handouts available under: https://adam.unibas.ch/goto_adam_crs_1340127.html

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Theme Date Lecturer Title
Sensory Syst. 20.09.2022 Felix Franke Understanding neural systems using math - applications in the retina
Sensory Syst. 27.09.2022 Tania Barkat Auditory processing
Sensory Syst. 04.10.2022 Rainer Friedrich Olfactory processing
Intro 11.10.2022 Georg Keller What is the aim of systems neuroscience
Sensory Syst. 18.10.2022 Botond Roska Retinal processing
Attention: Room change for the lecture on 25.10.2022: new room: Biocenter U1.197
Sleep 25.10.2022 Anissa Kempf Sleep and homeostasis
Sleep 01.11.2022 Andreas Keller Sleep and memory
Learn&Mem 08.11.2022 Flavio Donato Navigation through cognitive maps
  15.11.2022 No lecture SfN 2022
Learn&Mem 22.11.2022 Josef Bischofberger Hippocampal signal processing during learning and memory
Learn&Mem 29.11.2022 Andreas Lüthi Learning and memory
Motor Syst. 06.12.2022 Silvia Arber Motor control
Motor Syst. 13.12.2022 Josef Kapfhammer Cerebellum
Exam 20.12.2022 Georg Keller Exam



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